Mechanisms Lead towards Improved Health: Massage with Earthing

Madiha Khalid, Jeremy Madvin
 Abstract views: 888
  Downloads: 615

Spirometric Indices in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients in a Nigerian Tertiary Institution

Adekunle O. Adeoti, Taiwo H. Raimi, Joseph O. Fadare, Raphael Ibidapo
 Abstract views: 658
  Downloads: 408

Seroprevalence Of Rubella Virus Antibodies Among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinic in Ekiti State

O. Ojo Bola, T. O. Korode, D. E. Oguntunnbi, F. B. Ajimojuowo, A. A. Aladejare, O. Jegede, O. S. Adeniyi
 Abstract views: 307
  Downloads: 348

Effect of Wound Infiltration with Bupivacaine after Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy – A Randomized, Controlled Trial

Monira Parveen, Dilip Kumar Bhowmick, Md. Shafiqul Islam, Md. Sayedur Rahman, AKM Akhtaruzzaman
 Abstract views: 450
  Downloads: 327

Validation of the Insomnia Severity Index on Patients Recovering from High Impact Car Accidents

Zack Z. Cernovsky, Larry C. Litman, Vitalina Nosonova
 Abstract views: 342
  Downloads: 270

Dharavi Slums (Mumbai, India): The Petri Dish of COVID-19 Herd Immunity

Zameer Shervani, Deepali Bhardwaj, Roma Nikhat
 Abstract views: 2045
  Downloads: 924

Decompressive Craniectomy in Traumatic Brain Injuries. Indications and Limits

Y. Tahrir, A. Laaidi, K. Baayoud, M. Makhchoune, A. Chellaoui, A. Naja
 Abstract views: 812
  Downloads: 493

Frequency Occurrence and Percentage Distribution of Rh C, Rh c, Rh E and Rh e Blood Group Amongst Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinic in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Serekara Gideon Christian, Evelyn Mgbeoma Eze, Barizoge Monsi Badom, Ibiere Allwell Pepple, Christopher Aloy Simeon
 Abstract views: 431
  Downloads: 542

Gender Difference in Obesity Prevalence Among General Population of Lahore, Pakistan

Shahrukh Khan, Hina Nauman, Sania Saher, Hafiza Arifa Imtiaz, Amina Bibi, Hajrah Sajid, Tayyab Mumtaz Khan, Madeeha Mumtaz, Somia Bibi
 Abstract views: 915
  Downloads: 453

Side Effect Profile of COVID-19 Vaccine among Health Workers in a Tertiary Health Institution in South-South Nigeria

Peter C. Oriji, Dennis O. Allagoa, Lukman Obagah, Obielumani I. Oguche, Onyekachi S. Ohaeri, Ebiye S. Tekenah, Stanley E. Ozori, Gordon Atemie
 Abstract views: 1755
  Downloads: 678

Pattern of Keratitis: A Study of 500 Cases in Tertiary Hospital of Bangladesh

Md. Ashraful Haque, Rebeka Sultana, Md. Shahnewaz Parvez, Md. Abdul Quader, Mujtahid Mohammad Hossain
 Abstract views: 291
  Downloads: 230

Leisure Activities for Patients with Diffuse Connective Tissue Diseases

Marielle Fornazzaro Nascimento, Paulo Eduardo Neves Ferreira Velho, Raphaela Espanha Corrêa, Rute Estanislava Tolocka
 Abstract views: 269
  Downloads: 252

Delayed Recurrent Post Cochlear Implantation Hydroma: A Four Patients Series

O. Oulghoul, F. Hadid, O. Benhoummad, Y. Rochdi, A. Raji
 Abstract views: 276
  Downloads: 184

Usefulness of PRP Therapy in Androgenic Alopecia

Zahed Parvez, Samina Akter, Afia Tahsin Shobnom
 Abstract views: 912
  Downloads: 257

Surgical Management of Cervico-facial Cystic Lymphangioma in Children

O. Oulghoul, F. Hadid, O. Benhoummad, Y. Rochdi, A. Raji
 Abstract views: 310
  Downloads: 231

Rhinolitiasis about 16 Cases and Review of the Literature

Othmane Benhoummad, Mohamed Chehbouni, Youssef Rochdi, Abdelaziz Raji
 Abstract views: 218
  Downloads: 193

Detection of Vector Mosquito of Filariasis in the Endemic Areas of Bangladesh

Jasmin Nur, Bilkis Sultana, Mohammad Hefzur Rahman, Mohammad Moniruzzaman
 Abstract views: 482
  Downloads: 302

COVID-19 Pandemic: Lethal and Non-lethal Drifts

Umberto Cornelli
 Abstract views: 320
  Downloads: 219

Knowledge, Attitude and Preparedness of Healthcare Workers Toward an Outbreak of Ebola Viral Disease

Omobolanle E. Idowu, Adegoke O. Adefolalu, Dayanithee Chetty
 Abstract views: 244
  Downloads: 212

Sonographic Measurement of Spleen to Left Kidney Ratio among Saudi Children

Taha Elserag, Ahmed Abukonna, Afaf Medani, Saida Abdelkreem, Mustafa Musa
 Abstract views: 399
  Downloads: 245

The Effect of COVID-19 Vaccinations in 47 European Countries

Umberto Cornelli, Giovanni Belcaro
 Abstract views: 273
  Downloads: 236

Case Study

Maxillary Sinus Mucopyocele: About an Endoscopic Management

Y. Lakhdar, M. Hakimi, O. Benhoumad, Y. Rochdi, A. Raji
 Abstract views: 341
  Downloads: 212

Management of Hyperlipidaemia through Ayurvedic Intervention

Jaya Saklani Kala, Swapnil Singhai
 Abstract views: 494
  Downloads: 1887

A Case Study of Pachyonychia Congenita in Bangladesh

Zahed Parvez, Samina Akter
 Abstract views: 245
  Downloads: 178

Fibromatosis Colli: A Review of 4 Cases

Maha Hakimi, Omar Oulghoul, Benhoummad Othmane, Youssef Rochdi, Abdelaziz Raji
 Abstract views: 523
  Downloads: 295

An Infectious Cause of Esophagobronchial Fistula

Abdul Basit Ibne Momen, Rafa Faaria, Farhana Khan, Sadia Saber, Md Tarek Alam
 Abstract views: 284
  Downloads: 200

Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis of the Temporal Bone in Children: Two Cases Report

Y. Labani, O. Oulghoul, O. Benhoummad, Y. Rochdi, A. Raji
 Abstract views: 246
  Downloads: 182

Neonatal Choanal Atresia: A Series of 13 Cases

F. Hadid, M. Hakimi, O. Benhommad, Y. Rochdi, A. Raji
 Abstract views: 216
  Downloads: 183

Congenital cervical teratoma: about a case

Othman Benhoummad, Mohamed Chehbouni, Youssef Rochdi, Abdelaziz Raji
 Abstract views: 234
  Downloads: 226

High Flow Priapism on ¹⁸FDG PET/CT in a Patient with Urothelial Carcinoma: Case Report

A. Ouboukdir, J. Benouhoud, H. Lachhab, C. Waffar, Y. Ghannam
 Abstract views: 191
  Downloads: 170

Restoration of a Traumatically Amputated Finger by a Traditional Glove-Type Prosthesis: A Case Report

Simarpreet Kaur, Mandeep Kaur, Anupama Verma, Tarun Singh
 Abstract views: 280
  Downloads: 280

Nasopharngeal Tuberculosis Simulating Cancer: About 2 Cases

F. Hadid, O. Oulghoul, H. Benjelloun, O. Benhommad, A. Raji, Y. Rochdi
 Abstract views: 211
  Downloads: 165

Respiratory Distress Complicating Laryngeal Sarcoidosis

O. Benhoummad, O. Benlenda, M. EL Fakiri, H. Nassik
 Abstract views: 216
  Downloads: 161

A Case of Stiffperson Syndrome

Mamdouh H. Kalakatawi, Nusrat Aziz, Norhan A. K. Mostafa
 Abstract views: 233
  Downloads: 195

Posterior Shoulder Dislocation: A Rare Case Report and Review of the Literature

Gusti Ngurah Wien Aryana, . Febyan, Agus Eka Wiradiputra
 Abstract views: 665
  Downloads: 464

Hypoglycemia Caused by Endogenous Hyperinsulinism: A Case Study

Kiran Shah, Akshay Kothari, Ajay Bansode, Taher Aktar
 Abstract views: 403
  Downloads: 241

Frontal Sinus Schwannoma: Case Report and Literature Review

O. Benhoummad, Y. Labani, F. E. Rizkou, Y. Rochdi, A. Raji
 Abstract views: 194
  Downloads: 133

A Review of Hematological Malignancy in Pregnancy

Noor Asikin Mohd Sakri, Zalina Nusee, Ahmad Muzamir Ahmad Mustafa, Roziah Husin
 Abstract views: 271
  Downloads: 158


Impact of Stress on Human Body: A Review

Muhammad Shahid Zafar, Museera Nauman, Hina Nauman, Sheema Nauman, Asifa Kabir, Zunaira Shahid, Anam Fatima, Maria Batool
 Abstract views: 1559
  Downloads: 1927

Work-related Burden of Diabetes Mellitus among Employees

Hajar J. Alsalem, Aqil S. Alhaiz
 Abstract views: 593
  Downloads: 331