Hysteroscopic Complications


  •   Shayista Nabi


Operative Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive, safe and well tolerated procedure. Prevention of complications is crucial for patient care. The complication rate in diagnostic hysteroscopy is low 0.012%. Complications from operative hysteroscopy are more common and potentially more serious. These risks are highest with more complex hysteroscopic procedures like myomectomy and adhesiolysis. Complications of Operative Hysteroscopy can be early or late complications. Early include anesthetic complications, complications of distention media, cervical trauma, haemorrhage, perforation, and air embolism. Late ones are infections, adhesions. As Hysteroscopy continues to become popular, the importance of preventing, identifying, and managing complications is of utmost importance. Some problems are inherent in operative hysteroscopy, but large number of complications can be prevented by proper preoperative evaluation and surgical techniques. Appropriate training programmes and expertise are key to safe and successful hysteroscopy.

Keywords: Distention media, Hysteroscopy, Haemorrhage, perforation


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