Cardiac Manifestations in COVID‐19 Patients-Admitted in Tertiary Care Hospital of Peshawar


  •   Muhammad Ali

  •   Hafsa Liaqat

  •   Saba Humayun

  •   Aisha Liaqat

  •   Javeria Liaqat

  •   Abdur Rauf


Objectives: To find the frequency of CVS diseases in admitted COVID patients and its associations with outcomes.

Methodology: A cross-sectional survey was conducted at tertiary care hospitals of Peshawar from April- June 2021. All patients admitted in COVID ward and COVID ICU, consenting to participate were included. Questionnaire along with patients ECG and Echo report, Canadian classification used for angina grading and NYHA classification to classify shortness of breath.

Results: The mean age of the sample (n=75) was 60.44 years. Majority were 44(58.66%) males and from ward 82.66%. According to responses using Canadian classification for chest pain were 61 (81.36%) class 2 angina, IN NYHA classification majority (72%) of patients had class 2 SOB. About 14.6% of patients echo showed positive ECHO findings. The average stay of patients were 7.45+-1.3 days .About 22.6% of mortality was noted, majority of expiry were from COVID icu (52.9%) and 69.3% of patients were discharged. About 21.33% of COVID patients had cardiac manifestations, majority were males 87.5%. 43.75% of mortality was seen in patients developing cardiac manifestations. 75% of patients that developed cardiac manifestation had multiple comorbidities, AF was reported in patients age 70 and above. NSTEMI was reported in patients with multiple comorbidities. Most of the Cardiac patients 78.66% did not have cardiac manifestations, only 16.9% of mortality was seen in patients with no cardiac manifestations.

Conclusion: Males are more prone to COVID and have more cardiac events. Age above 60 years develop more serious disease and adverse outcomes.

Keywords: COVID 19, CVS manifestations, health, patients


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