The Electronic Gadgets Explosion Burn


  •   A. Jalal

  •   A. Chfiri

  •   S. Karti

  •   Z. A. Jaafari

  •   M. Alaoui

  •   A. Elharti

  •   M. Diouri


With the technological progress of humans and the need to stay connected by various means of communication including laptops and smartphones, security measures must follow the qualities of computers as well as their chargers.

Explosion burns of electronic gadgets are rarely reported in the scientific literature. We report three cases of explosive burns of electronic gadgets including one by explosion of a laptop computer.

The aim of our work is to explain the explosion mechanism and emphasize the safety measures to be followed to limit this type of accident, which can be serious and sometimes fatal.

Keywords: Burn, cell phone, electrical burn, electronic gadgets, explosion, laptops


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Jalal, A., Chfiri, A., Karti, S., Jaafari, Z. A., Alaoui, M., Elharti, A., & Diouri, M. (2022). The Electronic Gadgets Explosion Burn. European Journal of Medical and Health Sciences, 4(3), 1–3.

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